Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Man Boobs

There are countless positive changes in my life as I continue to drop the weight.  One of the most rewarding things is watching my man boobs slowly disappear!  At night, I can see myself in the reflection off the window while walking on the treadmill.  This wasn't a pretty sight the first week as I watched my rather large breasts bounce up and down with each step.  That motivated even more because it upset me so.  After a couple of weeks, I noticed a little less bounce.  Each week, there are subtle, but noticeable, improvements.  Now, they still jiggle, but it is substantially reduced from that first week and another barometer I use to measure my success.

Man boobs are a rather embarassing side effect of being obese and I only share my embarassment because I promised I would.  I remember the first time I heard the song "Man Boobs" by Rex Stetson.  I was listening to the Bob and Tom Show on the way to work and thought this song was pretty darn funny... that is until I realized that the joke was on me!  I still found it funny, albeit a little less funny than I originally thought.  Here is a link to a YouTube version for you to listen to...


Each time I heard this song over the last few years, I thought of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer is creating the "bro".  The debate on the show was whether to name it the "bro" or the "manziere".  Here is a link to another YouTube clip from that show with Kramer trying to sell George's dad on his invention...


At least once a week, usually more often, I do a visual update by checking out my new physique with a Full Monty review in our full-length mirror... and I apologize in advance for the imagery (hopefully, you are reading this long after dinner!).  Inevitably, those man boobs are the first spot on my body that I look at.  I am maybe only a B cup now, so that makes me extremely happy.  I think I can go bro-less without upsetting the general population of the club...  at least nobody has complained so far.  I can't wait to get to that morning when I see those man boobs completely disappear. 

Some time this week, I will be posting a timeline of pics.  They will be even more embarassing than this story about man boobs.  But, I don't care anymore.  This is part of my therapy.  Those pics will fully illustrate why many female friends were likely jealous of me over the years.  But, those pics are no longer me and I will post them so both you, the readers, and I can be reminded of where this journey started.  Here's to looking in to that window and seeing a chest that barely moves with each step I take... literally and figuratively...

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