Sunday, June 20, 2010


The heart of graduation/wedding season ended yesterday for us.  While I wasn't able to make the seventh graduation party, we did attend a beautiful reception yesterday evening.  With the 1.4 pounds that I lost this morning, that means I made it through six graduation parties and a wedding reception and lost 5 pounds over those days!  Awesome!  I now find myself 2.4 pounds from my July 1 goal with 11 days to go. 

I take a lot of inspiration from those friends and co-workers around me who have had their own successes.  Yesterday's inspiration was my friend Julie who has lost 40 pounds and looks great!  I would have guessed 50+.  Lori and I always look forward to seeing her and yesterday was no exception.  By the way, Julie, your hair looks awesome as well!

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