Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Friday, July 22 - Lori and I belatedly celebrate our anniversary with a nice night at home eating chips, salsa and guacamole and drinking margaritas.  Nice night, bad result... 3.0 gain.

Saturday, July 23 - We go to Water World for a great day... one filled with lots of mindless exercise and good healthy eating.  We ruing it by going to Red Robin.  Last year I was eating half a burger and fewer fries.  This year, I am eating the whole burger and more than my one serving of fries.  Ugh... down .6 only because of the physical activity.

Sunday, July 24 - I go to Captain D's and eat way too much fried fish.  It was tasty... about 1.6 pounds of tasty.

Monday, July 25 - I eat fairly well, go golfing, and eat a small dinner and am rewarded with a 3.6 pound drop.  These are the days I feel normal again.

Tuesday, July 26 - I join a friend at work and a vendor for an excellent dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  The Roadhouse is never good for my wasteline and costs me 3.0 pounds.

So, the roller coaster continues.  And, yet, my confidence never wavers despite only losing 2 pounds over the last three weeks.  Weirdo.

WTFYDANMENMWGYAIG, Day 22 - 3.0, Total - (2.0)

Friday, July 22, 2011


Okay, with that 1.8 pound gain, I guess I will concede.  Even as of yesterday I still was optimistic about meeting my 30 day goal.  But, with another bad day, my prospects look bleak.

WTFYDANMENMWGYAIG, Day 17 - 1.8, Total - (5.4)

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Down 2.2 pounds.  Whadda-you-know, closing in on 210 again!  lol.

WTFYDANMENMWGYAIG, Day 16 - (2.2), Total - (7.2)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Down .4 pounds.  Running out of days in July...

WTFYDANMENMWGYAIG, Day 15 - (0.4), Total - (5.0)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011



Wasn't I just under 210?

WTFYDANMENMWGYAIG, Day 14 - (2.6), Total - (4.6)

Monday, July 18, 2011


Heavily buttered popcorn at HP7B on Friday, followed by Mi Ranchito's on Saturday, and finished off with a nice birthday party for my son's girlfriend that included plenty of good food and great people.  'Nuff said...

All of my progress eliminated with a horrible weekend...

WTFYDANMENMWGYAIG, Day 13 - 3.0, Total - (2.0)

Friday, July 15, 2011


Up .6 pounds after a two day business trip.  Desperately searching for a drop that does not keep me close to 210.  Would like to see 205 somewhere over the next week or so. 

WTFYDANMENMWGYAIG, Day 10 - 0.6, Total - (8.0)

Thursday, July 14, 2011


That's yesterday's weight.  I left early for a business trip and wasn't able to post my weight.  Today, I wake up in Steamboat Springs and now document the sad fact that I only spent one day under 210.  Yesterday wasn't much better so I can only imagine where I am this morning.  For the first time since last week, I have to enter a weight gain below.  See you tomorrow. 

WTFYDANMENMWGYAIG, Day 8 - 0.8, Total - (8.6)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


After breaking this barrier a long long time ago, I shouldn't be this excited to do it again.  But, I have managed to blow it every time I was close.  So, I am still pretty happy today.  In addition, I am down 9.4 pounds over the last week since I saw that ugly 219 number!  I feel like I am mentally on top of this again and that is encouraging.

WTFYDANMENMWGYAIG, Day 7 - (1.4), Total - (9.4)

Monday, July 11, 2011


After a weekend of backpacking in the mountains and hiking at least 10 hours while eating limited rations of food, I only lost 1.2 pounds.  Lori did what I expected and lost about 5.  So disappointed.  I guess the only good news is that I wasn't up... which is my typical Monday motus operandi.  I guess I will continue to have to wait to break 210.  At least the weekend was incredible!

WTFYDANMENMWGYAIG, Day 6 - (1.2), Total - (8.0)

Friday, July 8, 2011


I had a pretty good day yesterday.  So, only .2 pounds is a little bit of a bummer.  But, as long as that needle keeps moving down, I will remain content.  Now, we wait until Monday morning for the next weigh-in.  Come on Anthony, only 2.4 pounds!

WTFYDANMENMWGYAIG, Day 3 - (0.2), Total - (6.8)

Thursday, July 7, 2011


I want to get excited about the last two days.  But, each time I have done that over the last two months, I have regressed just as I closed on the 210 barrier.  Each time I kept thinking, "Okay, it finally clicked and I am now back in a groove", only to be sidelined by a bad weekend.  I don't think that will happen this time.  I think 219 was a good enough wake-up call.  So, I am happy about my 2.8 pound drop and cautiously optimistic.

I have been really good the last two days and I am hoping to actually lose weight over the weekend and break a recent trend.  Lori and I are going backpacking in the mountains and I plan to burn a lot more calories hiking than I consume.  It would be nice to weigh myself on Monday and be back under 210.

Yesterday, my friend Will e-mailed me.  The subject of the e-mail was "Whoaaaaaaaaaa Big Boy." and the opening sentence was "What's up (besides your weight) Heavy A?".  That made me laugh.  I like when my old friend e-mails me for several reasons.  One, it's nice to know he still reads my blog regularly.  Two, he is a good motivator when I fall off the wagon and helps me not to go psychotic on those weekends where I gain a few pounds.  Three, I know that he has been through the same struggle and gets it.  He works hard during the week to minimize the damages from the weekends that he enjoys so much.  And lastly, and most importantly, he gives me shit!  He may offer up the occasional "don't worry about it".  But, I prefer the fat comments.  Will is one of the few who is more than willing to give me some tough love even if he says it in a joking tone.  And it motivates me.  I find motivation in any way I can.  So, yesterday he says, "You can get it back to 2 bills in about 60 days.  Stay motivated".  Now, he didn't mean that as a challenge.  He was being supportive.  But, I responded that I would do it in half that time.  So, I turned this harmless comment in to my own personal challenge.  In fact, last night I told myself that I didn't even need the 30 days and that 26 would be enough.  So, I have given myself until the end of July to get back to 200.  Thanks Will!

WTFYDANMENMWGYAIG, Day 2 - (2.8), Total - (6.6)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Much better... down 3.8 pounds.  Not sure what to call this phase.  I have repeatedly said I was starting Phase 3, which was intended to take me from the 198-205 mark down below 195.  Sadly, Phase 3 never went anywhere.  So, I don't know if this is now Phase 3 or if I should consider this shitty two month period as it's own phase!  So, not sure that I have a number for it, but I have an acronym... WTFYDANMENMWGYAIG phase.  That's the What The F*&# You Dumb Ass, No More Excuses, No More Whining, Get Your Ass In Gear phase!  Yesterday was a serious eye opener.  21 pounds heavier than my lowest number during this journey and a weight similar to what I was last September!

WTFYDANMENMWGYAIG, Day 1 - (3.8), Total - (3.8)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


OMG!  Yes, after a dreadful weekend, that number is correct.  Actually followed up the 214.4 from last Thursday with a good Friday, losing 2.8, and a decent Saturday, losing another 1.4.  And then, my mind once again said, "Screw that!  I don't want to break 210" and I happily obliged!  So, three straight horrible days later and I find myself as high as I was last September.  Please shoot me...