Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Down 3.0 Pounds

I was up 2.0 pounds on Saturday.  I followed that up with losses of .6, .2, and 3.0 over the last three days.  That puts me at 8.6 pounds lower than my high and at my lowest since December 11, or almost a month!  Still haven't made the drastic changes to get me completely on track.  But, I am happy with the subtle changes and the slow movement in the downward direction.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Down 3.0 Pounds

Okay, so I have noticed I have developed  a rather annoying little habit.  I definitely seem to post more when I am losing weight.  For some reason, I just "seem" so much busier whenever I have gained weight and just can't find the time.  Of course, it's not like this is some great discovery about human nature.  The problem is that it is not good for accountibility.  The purpose of the blog was to write about those bad days so that they weren't repeated.

My New Year's Pary was a little worse than expected, as you can see by the numbers below.  A little more food and drink than I had planned... curse you Matt!  But, while I am not where I wanted to be today, I am still in a much better place than 11 days ago, having lost 8.2 pounds in that period.  Here are the January fluctuations...

January 1 - Up 3.4
January 2 - Down .8
January 3 - Up 1.2
January 4 - Down 1.2
January 5 - Down 3.0