Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Down 20 Pounds! My New Inspiration

Okay, before you get too excited for me, I am not talking about myself.  After six weeks, my daughter Kelsea is down 20 pounds!  And, I actually find myself jealous of her will power.  I am so incredibly proud of her determination and hope that she motivates me to get busy again.  I thought my 25th anniversary would motivate me.  I thought a weight-loss contest at work would motivate me.  But, none of those things worked.  Let's hope Kelsea can.

This morning, Kelsea put on a shirt that Lori and I had bought her in Las Vegas earlier in the year.  That shirt never fit her... until today.  She was beaming that she could now wear her Beatles shirt and I was thrilled. 

Let's not confuse any pride I have in my daughter as being some Shallow Hal-like thought of wanting my daughter to be thinner.  I love my daughter... immensely.  I would love her at 300 pounds, love her now at the weight she is at, and will love her going forward when there is less of her to love.  I am proud that she is fighting this battle.  Those who struggle with their weight understand what I am talking about.  I am proud that she has changed the way she eats and rarely gives in to temptation.  I am proud that she has started to exercise regularly. I am proud because she has some personal goals in front of her and she looks like she is going to accomplish them.

Throughout Kelsea's health struggles over the last couple of years, I have watched it effect her weight and her confidence.  She had some weight to lose before this, but these struggles and the drugs, like steroids, made everything harder for her.  She started to lose confidence and it seemed like she was accepting a fate of not being healthy.  For me, my only sadness when I looked at her was knowing that she didn't understand how beautiful she was.  That she didn't understand how much people cared about her because of her incredible personality, sense of humor, and great soul.  I wanted her to get healthy so that she believed again that she was a beautiful person.  I wanted her to get healthy so that all of these troubling health issues weren't as prone to keep continuing.  I wanted her to take on each day with a renewed confidence.  And, having gone through this and having been somewhat successful, I knew what changing the exterior to match the interior meant. 

I hope that Kelsea continues to be successful.  I hope that she is able to do what she wants to do in the upcoming year... something that requires her to be fit.  I hope she meets her goals.  I mostly hope that she finds a place where she can smile each day, be happy and confident, and have a shell that matches all of the awesomeness that she holds inside.  Kelsea - You are a BEAUTIFUL KIND CARING FUNNY LOVING person.  And, I will love you whether you meet this goal or not.  Just know that I am proud of your effort.

By the way, I weighed 245.4 this morning.  Not great.  Not my worst.  In my hiatus, I got as high as 253.6... which actually makes my current weight sound not too bad.  It's all about perspective!  Hopefully, it won't take me 3 months to write my next entry.