Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Marinucci

I know this blog is supposed to be about losing weight.  But, every once in a while, I take a break to actually talk about food.  Inevitably, those posts are about those things I find hard to resist.  One of those temptations is a Pueblo tradition known as the slopper.

For those of you reading who don't live in Pueblo, have never been to Pueblo, or live in Pueblo but have never left your house or spoken to a fellow Puebloan, you might not know what a slopper is.  The slopper is a Pueblo creation that consists of a cheeseburger smothered in green chili.  Of course, some of you from places unknown might not even know what green chili is.  Green chili is a soup-like concoction, much like red chili, that is made with pork, green chile peppers, tomatoes, onions, garlic and various other ingredients depending on the recipe.  Pueblo is famous for that as well.  And, the best green chilis are made with Pueblo green chile peppers.  But, I digress.

There is much debate on the origination of the slopper.  When I first moved here, I always heard that the slopper was created at The Star Bar, a restaurant that has since closed, been purchased, and then re-opened.  Over the years, I have heard that Gray's Coors Tavern was where this infamous dish originated.  In the end, it really doesn't matter.  But, to whoever truthfully invented the slopper, I say thank you.

The second debate is who makes the best slopper.  That debate was worthy of a visit by the television show Food Wars in 2010.  If you never saw the show, Food Wars went to different cities that were known for signature dishes and would have two restaurants, with claims to having the best, duel it out for bragging rights.  The show ended with five judges, including two who were loyalists to each of the restaurant, doing a blind taste test of these dishes and voting for their favorite.  The Star Bar may claim to have invented the dish, but they no longer were considered worthy enough of competing in this challenge and the battle came down to Gray's Coors Tavern and The Sunset Inn.  

In the end, The Sunset Inn won 3-2 to claim bragging rights.  I am a fan of The Sunset Inn slopper and I was thrilled that they got it right.  Many other Coors' fans didn't feel the same way.  I think that The Set has far superior green chili, a better burger patty, a bigger slopper, and better French fries.  But, if you ask around in Pueblo, you will find that many or more disagree.  If I had to guess what the percentages would be, I would say that it would be close to a 70-30% advantage for Gray's Coors Tavern.  Don't get me wrong, I love Gray's.  I like their slopper, even if I don't love it.  I love the atmosphere at this old time bar.  I love the baseball gloves on the walls.  Coors is a pretty awesome place.  I just don't think their slopper compares to The Sunset Inn's.  Of course, I also don't like Do Drop pizza or The Mill Stop Cafe, two things that are close to sacrilegious in this town.  This blog may get me stoned.

Okay, now that we have established some slopper history, let's get to what tonight's blog is all about, The Marinucci.  Sometime over the years, I started ordering the slopper a certain way that quickly became my regular order.  I can't even take full credit for The Marinucci.  My buddy, Russ Drury, ordered this very thing or something close to it when I went to The Set with him for lunch one day.  The Marinucci is a green chili slopper with Italian sausage instead of hamburger, cheese on top, no top hamburger bun, fries on top of that, smothered in green chili.  Trust me, it is awesome.  The Italian sausage gives it an added kick and the combo of spicy from The Set's green chili and their sausage is perfect.  

I get this every time I go.  I also tell everyone I know to get this.  Every time my office has out-of-towners in on business, we take them to The Set so they can try this version of the slopper.  I usually order first and then the rest of the group just says they will have what I am having.  To date, I have never seen anyone leave anything in their bowl (yes, non-Puebloans, sloppers are served in bowls at most places) and no one has been disappointed.  I have even gotten my office to exclusively go to The Set over Coors.  I recommend The Set to family and friends.  In fact, I just went today with my friend Joel Thompson, his wife Joanie, and his brother Greg for their first Set experience and their first sausage slopper experience.  They loved it!  And, I loved mine even if I wasn't supposed to be eating it on my current weight loss journey.

Recently, my boss started calling this specific version The Marinucci and kiddingly asks the waitresses for it when they take our order.  The sausage version used to cause some confusion.  But, it seems the waitresses are used to it enough now that it is no longer a problem.  But, rather than create confusion, and in the interest of letting others share in this taste of perfection, I am lobbying to have this item added to the menu.  I am officially asking The Sunset Inn to add The Marinucci to the menu.  I encourage friends, family, and co-workers to ask for The Marinucci if you want to try this at The Sunset and then explain what it is until it is added.  

To The Sunset Inn, I ask that you consider adding this to your menu.  Actually, I beg this of you.  If the cost of new menus and lamination is the concern, my son has graciously said that he could get his employer, Standard Sales, to cover the costs of new menus and lamination.  So, there really is no reason not to add it!  

The Pueblo Chieftain does an annual Christmas list in the Sports section.  On Christmas day, the entire front page of the sports section says Merry Christmas to a long list of Pueblo sports stars, people involved in sports in the community, and even famous pro athletes.  When I moved here, I always thought it would be cool to make that list.  When my son was a sophomore or junior in high school, he made the list for the first time.  I was thrilled for him... and a little jealous.  The next year, I finally made the list!  I felt like I had finally made it in Pueblo.  This year, my name was next to my son's and our names were between Devon Manning, a young man I coached in hoops, and Peyton Manning, an NFL... well, you know who he is.  I thought that was big time.  But, having a version of the slopper at a restaurant that won Food Wars for this signature dish named after you would be the ultimate big time!  So, readers, please help me with my campaign.

Here's to The Marinucci... and The Sunset Inn...


Down 1.6 to start the weekend.  Still 2.6 pounds away from my recent low of 240.8, but gaining ground.

Okay, I forgot to write about the slopper.  Today, I promise.

Starting weight (this time): 278.4
Current weight: 243.4
Change from previous: (1.6)
Total: (35.0)
Total Days: 118

Friday, May 30, 2014


Down 1.6 pounds and still about 4 pounds away from getting back to my pre-Memorial Day weekend weight.  No graduations or weddings this weekend.  So, that is the good news.  Though I do plan on meeting a buddy at the Sunset Inn tomorrow and that will likely involve a slopper... and then the rest of the day eating nothing else and trying to get enough exercise in to offset the slopper.

Speaking of that slopper, tonight's blog will be devoted to the slopper.  Look for it.

Here's to sloppers...

Starting weight (this time): 278.4
Current weight: 245.0
Change from previous: (1.6)
Total: (33.4)
Total Days: 117

Thursday, May 29, 2014


No change.  No comment.

Starting weight (this time): 278.4
Current weight: 246.6
Change from previous: no change
Total: (31.8)
Total Days: 116

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Down 2.2 pounds.  Let's see how long it takes me to recover from the weekend and how many days that little gorge-fest ends up costing me.  No graduation parties or weddings scheduled for the weekend.  So, that's a good thing.  Though, part of me wanted at least one graduation so that I could prove again that I can attend and not be such a fool.  

Here's to the next graduation party...

Starting weight (this time): 278.4
Current weight: 246.6
Change from previous: (2.2)
Total: (31.8)
Total Days: 114

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Eight Pounds of Emotions

Two pounds of disappointment.  Two pounds of self-loathing.  A half pound of despair.  A half pound of shock.  But mostly, three pounds of complete and utter embarassment.

I forget, was I trying to break 240 or keep from breaking 250?  After a gluttonous Memorial Day weekend, fighting to break 240 quickly became a distant memory.  It is almost hard to believe that I could gain weight this quickly.  But, you would think a lifetime of proof might be somewhat convincing.

This morning I was 248.8.  Six days ago, I weighed 240.8.  I am up 8 pounds after eating poorly for five straight days.  Like any bad result, that weight is difficult to post.

When I was doing well four years ago, the period that I was most proud of was the graduation/wedding season that first summer.  We had far more graduations than we do now and those events annually proved to be difficult to get through without adding a few pounds.  But, that summer, I went to graduation party after graduation party and was able to keep losing weight.  I left each party with a smile at the control I had shown and the compliments I was getting regularly.  And, it seemed easy.

I have yet to show that same level of control this year.  My five days in summary...

Thursday - Despite my disappointing 0.4 gain after a near-perfect day on Wednesday, I didn't get upset and was headed for another near-perfect day... until we got the call asking if we wanted to go to dinner.  We ended up at Applebee's.  For me, that is a good thing.  I am not a fan of Applebee's and usually find it easy to eat decently there because of that.  Four years ago, I was eating a house salad and maybe taking a couple of bites of other plates.  This time, I ordered a salad that showed only 370 calories.  But, the menu didn't include the calories of the pretzel and beer cheese that I had to try.  The bites of my Mom's steak and potatoes that I had to try.  The bites of my sister's shrimp scampi pasta that I had to try.  The bite of my wife's chicken I had to try.  Result - 244.6, up 3.4.

Friday - We got the weekend started with a Finance department luncheon at the Pueblo Country Club.  I have only eaten at the country club a handful of times.  But, I have never had a bad meal... until Friday.  The food was average.  This should have been a good thing, and probably still was.  But, I still ate too much of food that I didn't think was good.  Despite that, I lost weight the next day.  But, I was still upset because it could have been more.  Result - 242.6, down 2.0.

Saturday - We went to Niko's house for his first official BBQ.  I started off trying to be good.  I ate some potato chips, had a burger without a bun, and a bratwurst.  Nothing fantastic, but with some good exercise, low enough in calories to hope for a break even day.  The problem was the beer.  Not just the fact that I had at least 600 calories from the beer.  But, because that beer leads me to make bad decisions.  When I am drinking, I tend to get hungry.  I tend to be numb to the pain that is my stomach's indicator that I have eaten too much.  And, I tend to forget all of my self-control.  So, I had a second brat... and a hot dog... and I ate a handful of chips every single time I passed the table that had chips on it.  Result - 245.2, up 2.6.

Sunday - My goal for Sunday was to make up for my Saturday gain.  With only one graduation party planned, that was going to be my meal with little else the rest of the day.  I had eaten so much on Saturday and I felt like it would be easy to be good.  I figured we would go to the grad party and find the typical Pueblo graduation fare... penne pasta, meatballs, a salad, and fried chicken.  With a plate of salad and a meatball or two, I would be fine.  When we arrived, the buffet of food smelled different.  I smelled Chinese.  Upon closer inspection, it was Panda Express!  Who has Panda Express for a graduation party?!  Only saboteurs.  Curse the Voss family and their Panda Express spread.  So, I ate too much of the salt-loaded food and felt the effects that night and the next day.  Result - 247.0, up 1.8.

Monday - On Monday, it was our turn for a BBQ.  Our party included tri-tip... a staple at our BBQs after being introduced to it by my brother's Brazilian family.  Our BBQ also included cheddarwurst hotdogs, regular hot dogs, bratwurst, and hamburgers.  I even sauteed some jalapenos and cooked up some bacon to duplicate my favorite Five Guys creation.  I ate way too much.  By that night, I felt that old feeling of disgust and fullness that I hadn't felt in some time.  Result - 248.8, up 1.8.

Just like that, I find myself 1.2 pounds away from 250 and 8.8 pounds away from 240.  I also find myself fighting the self-hatred and trying to stay positive and strong.  A setback for sure.  But, just a setback.  I may be heavier than I wanted for our Florida vacation planned for July.  But, I will be lighter than I was three months ago and much lighter than I am today.

Here's to forgetting Memorial Day...

Starting weight (this time): 278.4
Current weight: 248.8
Change from previous: +6.2 (via +2.6, +1.8, +1.8)
Total: (29.6)
Total Days: 113

Saturday, May 24, 2014


Down 2 pounds, a little over half of what I gained over the last two days.  Of course, after a nice little bbq at my son's house this afternoon with too much food and too much beer, I am not sure how well that will hold up.  But, it was fun!

Starting weight (this time): 278.4
Current weight: 242.6
Change from previous: (2.0)
Total: (35.8)
Total Days: 110

Friday, May 23, 2014


Do I have to blog today?  Can I just skip it.  I want to take my ball and go home.

Make no mistake, I knew I was going to gain this morning.  After a fast food lunch and a dinner out with family, I wasn't expecting to break 240.  But, like yesterday, I wasn't expecting what I got.  

For the most part, I have always been fairly accurate when guessing what my weight will be the next morning.  Not spot on, but usually pretty close.  But, for the second straight day my estimates were nowhere close.  Yesterday, I thought I would be down at least 2 and I gained 0.4.  This morning, I thought I would be up 1-2 pounds and I was up 3.4!  

This one hurts.  Barring a huge drop, it puts me several days if not a week away from the number I thought I would break yesterday.  

Here's to...  well, hmmmmmm... I got nothin'...

Starting weight (this time): 278.4
Current weight: 244.6
Change from previous: +3.4
Total: (33.8)
Total Days: 109

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Punk'd... 241.2

I feel like I've been Punk'd.  After weighing this morning, I peeked in the shower to see if Ashton Kutcher and a camera crew were ready to pounce.  Sadly, that was not the case.

Knowing I had only 1 pound to lose to break 240, I went a little harder yesterday.  I ate perfectly.  Well, the food was perfect, my calories may have been too low.  Last night, I worked in the garden for 90 minutes.  Not just picking weeds.  But, planting and moving dirt.  Then, I mowed the lawn.   After that, I went for a 40 minute bike ride.  Then, when Lori got home from work, we went on a 35 minute walk.  By the end of it all, I had close to three hours of exercise and just over 1,000 calories for the day.

Yet, despite all that, I found myself up 0.4 this morning and staring at the scale in disbelief.  Oh the joys of weighing daily.  

Here's to the Punk'd crew taking their cameras and their silly little fake scale with them and getting the real truth tomorrow...

Starting weight (this time): 278.4
Current weight: 241.2
Change from previous: +0.4
Total: (37.2)
Total Days: 108

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Down 0.8 and a pound away from breaking 240.  Yes, my scale only measures in 0.2 increments.  A new recent low and a total of 13 pounds lost over the last 15 days.  

I have averaged a daily weight loss of just over 0.35 pounds per day, or 2.46 per week.  Lower than what I wanted.  But, actually higher than the maximum recommendation of 2 per week that recommends.  I know it will get harder as I go.  But, if I could keep that average up, it would take me another 88 days to break 210.  That would be August 17.  Since my birthday is the day before, I am going to shoot for August 16.  That means I have to lose an astronomical 0.354 per day versus 0.351.  LOL.

Here's to my birthday...

Starting weight (this time): 278.4
Current weight: 240.8
Change from previous: (0.8)
Total: (37.6)
Total Days: 107

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

241.6... Creeping

Two weeks ago, I was struggling with breaking and staying under the 250 barrier.  Things have gone so well over the last 13 days that I now find myself creeping closer to the 240 barrier!  Hopefully, either Thursday or Friday, I will break 240.  Then I will spend the weekend fighting to stay there.  I can only wish that two weeks from today I might be having a similar conversation about 230.  

Down 1.6 from yesterday and on a roll.  Down almost 37 pounds total after 15 weeks.  

On a side note, I have narrowed the gap from my original goals and find myself less than 20 pounds off the pace.  While I am not writing about it here, it doesn't mean I haven't stopped striving to narrow that gap.

Starting weight (this time): 278.4
Current weight: 241.6
Change from previous: (1.6)
Total: (36.8)
Total Days: 106

Monday, May 19, 2014


Down 1.4!  On a Monday!  Mondays have not been that kind to me overall.  So, always good when I can kick off the week on a positive note.  Like I said Saturday, I had a mini-goal of 240 by today.  Like my larger goals, I fell shy of that.  But, the positive is that I am still continuing to move the needle down and find myself exactly 5 pounds down from a week ago and 10.6 pounds since May 6.  So, I remain undaunted and will set some more aggressive goals for the end of the month.  This is a new recent low and the lowest weight I have seen since November 17, 2012 when I weighed 240.0.

Starting weight (this time): 278.4
Current weight: 243.2
Change from previous: (1.4)
Total: (35.2)
Total Days: 105


Okay, so I didn't get around to posting yesterday and ruined my daily streak of four whole days.  Yesterday, I was up 0.4 pounds after a day filled with mostly liquid calories.

Starting weight (this time): 278.4
Current weight: 244.6
Change from previous: +0.4
Total: (33.8)
Total Days: 104

Saturday, May 17, 2014


While I am okay posting the good, the bad, and the ugly.  The good is just so much more fun.  Down 2.8 and down to a new recent low!  It does not look promising that I will reach my mini-goal of 240 by Monday,  But, if I am even close, I will take it.  

Here's to a great weekend with no events planned...

Starting weight (this time): 278.4
Current weight: 244.2
Change from previous: (2.8)
Total: (34.2)
Total Days: 103

Friday, May 16, 2014

247.0... Let's Be Honest

I have written or often talked about people not being honest with themselves.  With few exceptions, I believe this to be true when I hear people say they are working out and eating right and can't seem to lose any weight.  I think these people aren't being entirely honest with themselves.  

Some aren't working out as hard as they say.  I see this every night at the club.  Those people who go and then 'pretend' to work out.  They wander around the gym.  They do a few reps at a weight that doesn't challenge them.  They walk on the treadmill at a slow pace and get off after 5 minutes.  They talk to everyone in the gym and then leave 60 minutes later after working out for 10 minutes.

Some aren't eating as well as they say.  They 'forget' all of the little things they pick at throughout the day.  That handful of cashews.  That candy bar.  That soda.  All of those things that we eat when not actually sitting down to eat a meal.  

Some know exactly what they eat yet don't understand what is good or bad for you.  They eat a salad with ranch dressing, hard boiled eggs, bacon bits, and cheese and think they are eating good.  They drink their calories and never count them.

Some people know what is good and bad but don't understand what 4 ounces of meat looks like.  They don't know what 2 tablespoons looks like.  

Some of these people are lying to themselves.  Some of them aren't aware of the error in their ways.  I would like to believe that over the last four years I have tracked and monitored my food and exercise to a degree that I should be an expert at it.  I would like to think that all of this label reading and measuring of food would prohibit me from ever lying to myself.  Unfortunately, even armed with that experience, I am no different and just as capable of being dishonest. 

For some reason, I have had a hard time getting back in to the habit of logging all of my food in  That might be because of the overconfidence instilled in me from four years of this journey.  I think I know.  I think I am being honest.  And, I thought I would be about the same or down slightly this morning.  I knew I had indulged in a piece of cheesecake.  But, thought that the rest of the day made up for it.

Well, I lied.  I didn't enter anything in MFP.  And, I misjudged what I had eaten.  So, after being grumpy and confused all day, I decided to recap yesterday.  Not because I needed proof that I had done something wrong.  But, to truly know exactly what it was that I had done wrong.  I was wondering if I needed to eat more calories or less.  Silly Anthony.

So, I tried to remember everything I had eaten yesterday.  I never really sat down and ate a meal.  I simply picked at food all day long while at work, when at home, while at my cousin's funeral, and while visiting Lori's parents.  If you had asked me to guess at my caloric intake, i would have guessed between 1,500-1,600.  More than my goal.  But, easily within a range that should leave my weight flat to Thursday.  When I was done tallying the damage, it totaled almost 2,100 and I can't even guarantee that it included everything.  Add to it that a much shorter walk around the neighborhood late last night and I finally realized that I had earned every tenth of the 0.4 I had gained.

I need to stop being resistant to all of the things that helped me last time.  They worked.  And, they will work again.  I need to embrace them.  Daily.

Here's to always being honest with yourself...

Starting weight (this time): 278.4
Current weight: 247.0
Change from previous: +0.4
Total: (31.4)
Total Days: 102

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Yep, you read it correctly.  Woke up expecting to lose a pound and almost went a full pound the other way.  Up 0.8 pounds.  Just one of those days.  Staying positive... and still posting daily.

And, since my cousin Andy Schaffer told me he would rat me out if I lied, I have to fess up to eating a piece of cheesecake tonight.  I have been craving it ever since my good friend Joel talked about it.  Dang cousins and friends!

On a related note, it made my day knowing that my cousins who I haven't seen in years are reading this blog and that it has provided some inspiration.  Thanks for that!

Here's to being an open book...

Starting weight (this time): 278.4
Current weight: 246.6
Change from previous: +0.8
Total: (31.8)
Total Days: 101

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


That's more like it.  Down 2 pounds from yesterday and at a new recent low.  After a month of lingering between 253 to 255, I am down 8 pounds over the last week.

I started blogging again with a renewed commitment exactly 100 days ago.  While I have failed at meeting my original, and very agressive, goals, I can still look back at my first 100 days and be happy that I have lost 32.6 pounds total and have gotten back to eating right and exercising daily.  Despite missing my goals, if you had asked me 100 days ago if I would be happy today if I lost 32+ pounds, especially after spending seven of those weeks in the Windy City, it would have been an emphatic yes.  If it takes me another four months to get the next 40, I will be content with that as well.  But, that doesn't mean I won't set more agressive goals over that period.  With that said, I am off to write those down.  

Here's to 100 days...

Starting weight (this time): 278.4
Current weight: 245.8
Change from previous: (2.0)
Total: (32.6)
Total Days: 100


Oops!  Almost forgot.  Daily!  Well, technically it is already Wednesday. But, since I haven't gone to bed yet, this counts.  Down only 0.4 after a decent day.  That can only mean that tomorrow is going to be a really good day... said the ever-optimistic man trying to convince himself.  Good night!

Starting weight (this time): 278.4
Current weight: 247.8
Change from previous: (0.4)
Total: (30.6)
Total Days: 99

Monday, May 12, 2014


Disappointed.  Getting through the weekend unscathed meant, at the very least, being the same weight this morning as I was on Saturday morning.  I had even hoped for better results, like a loss of a pound.  Yesterday was just okay.  But, that 1.4 pound gain feels more like a carryover from Saturday than a reflection of my Sunday. 

Hopefully, I will rebound quickly tomorrow.  But, even so, still slightly disappointed with the weekend and need to do a better job of not enjoying myself quite as much at weddings... or over weekends.  Eventually.  But, not now.

Starting weight (this time): 278.4
Current weight: 248.2
Change from previous: +1.4
Total: (30.2)
Total Days: 98

Sunday, May 11, 2014


Last night we went to wedding and I enjoyed a few beers and some good food.  My goal was to limit the damage and with a day of exercise and helping my Mom move, that's exactly what I did.  So, I will take the 0.8 pound gain, be good the rest of today, and hope I start the week tomorrow with something similar to yesterday.

Starting weight (this time): 278.4
Current weight: 246.8
Change from previous: +0.8
Total: (31.6)
Total Days: 97

Saturday, May 10, 2014


Down 1.2 after another solid day.  Shameful Monday might have been a good thing.  It cost me 4.2 pounds, but it woke me up and got me out of the rut I was in.  That's 7.8 pounds in four days!  If I can focus this weekend and get back to Monday unscathed, it could be a great week.

Starting weight (this time): 278.4
Current weight: 246.0
Change from previous: (1.2)
Total: (32.4)
Total Days: 96

Friday, May 9, 2014


Down another pound!  Back on a roll and down 6.6 pounds since Shameful Monday.   This is my lowest weight since November 21, 2012 when I weighed 243.4.  

Starting weight (this time): 278.4
Current weight: 247.2
Change from previous: (1.0)
Total: (31.2)
Total Days: 95

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Down 1.6 pounds after a solid day.  Feeling better now that I have a little room between where I am and that 250 mark that kept haunting me.  Feeling better about my Joe Namath-like guarantee as well.  I would love nothing better than to be talking about breaking 240 a week from now.

This is the lowest I have been since December 1, 2012 and I am now more than 30 pounds down since February 4.

Here's to the pursuit of 240...

Starting weight (this time): 278.4
Current weight: 248.2
Change from previous: (1.6)
Total: (30.2)
Total Days: 94

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Sixteenth (And Last) Time Is The Charm! 249.8!

Well, that was quick!  After the debacle that will be forever known as Shameful Monday, I bounced back quickly with a 4 pound weight loss!  I expected a minimum of three days to get back under 250, if not longer.  This was a pleasant surprise.  Even more so because yesterday included a business lunch with the same guys who helped contribute to Shameful Monday.  Okay, they did nothing wrong other than visiting Pueblo.  I am not blaming them... well, other than maybe an one or two extra beers.  

I am back under 250 for the sixteenth time and the fourth time this year.  I am going Joe Namath on you and guaranteeing that this will be the last time... EVER!  Today will be about getting that weight down just enough where I limit my risk.  A 0.2 pound buffer isn't quite enough to make me feel comfortable.  But, I am still making that guarantee with a new goal of 235 by the end of May.  

In a week, I would like to change the conversation to breaking 240.  I am sure all of you reading this would like the same thing.  I apologize for the three week lull and hope to give you something more exciting and encouraging to read.

Here's to all of the days I spent at 250+, may I never see you again...

Starting weight (this time): 278.4
Current weight: 249.8
Change from previous: (4.0)
Total: (28.6)
Total Days: 93

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Oops... 253.8

I was expecting to go back over 250.  I was not expecting to get back up to almost 254.  Too much bread, too much roasted garlic in oil, too many beers, too much food.  I accepted that I was going to go back over 250 and then let my guard down.  Because I relaxed and was content with it, I ended up not even making a reasonable effort to be good.

Shame on me.  This night should have been about still trying to limit the damage of a business dinner and then living with the slight gain.  But, sometimes this acceptance can be my worst enemy.  

So, while traveling to Chicago, I was able to lose weight for seven straight weeks.  Yet, one night with two colleagues from Chicago and I gained 4.2 pounds.  That doesn't make any sense.  Ugh...

Here's to never being okay with just being okay...

Starting weight (this time): 278.4
Current weight: 253.8
Change from previous: +4.2
Total: (24.6)
Total Days: 92

Monday, May 5, 2014


I can only say that my lack of posting has not been because of me not wanting to post bad results.  Three straight days of yard work left me with little time and even less energy and the blogs didn't happen despite me having them written in my head each and every night.  As proof that my lack of blogging is not simply an aversion to sharing bad news, I will tell you all the bad from the last three days instead of pretending that I have stayed 249.6 since Thursday!

Friday's weigh-in was as expected and I went above 250.  In fact, I gained 2.6 pounds and weighed in at 252.2 on Friday.  While a little more than I had hoped for, I fully expected it and it didn't phase me.  

I lost 0.8 pounds on Saturday morning and another 0.4 pounds on Sunday morning after two average days.  Sunday was my recovery day and after losing 1.4 pounds, I found myself back where we left off four days ago.

I wanted the title of today's (or tonight's as the case may be) blog to be something along the lines of "The Fifteenth Time Is The Charm" and indicate that it would be the last.  But, I just got home from a business dinner with some colleagues from Chicago and am going to bed without exercising.  So, sadly, tomorrow will not likely bring me the news I wanted and the fifteenth time under 250 will not be the charm.  

So, I will work towards the sixteenth time... and the last.  Have faith.  If not, I may continue posting the same boring posts and you all may start regretting ever encouraging me to post daily!  

Here's to the sixteenth and final time breaking 250... 

Starting weight (this time): 278.4
Current weight: 249.6
Change from previous: no change (via +2.6, -0.8, -0.4, -1.4)
Total: (28.8)
Total Days: 91

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Back under 250... for the second time.  Actually, this is the 14th time I have broken 250 in the last four years.  The first time was in 2010 when I was doing good.  On that occasion, I broke 250 and never went back above 250.  That is until 2012.  In 2012, I lingered around 250 for about a six month stretch and bounced around between 240-255.  During that stretch I broke that barrier 11 times!  Finally, this week, I have done it twice more.  

Okay, so that is the long and boring story about breaking the infamous 250 barrier.  So, what's the point of my story?  Well, unfortunately, I don't think it's my last time.  Fourteen is not the charm.  Today, I am having lunch with friends and dinner with my Mom, sister, and Lori.  So, I am guessing that I will once again go back over 250 on the morrow despite any good intentions. 

But, sometime over the next three days, I will break that barrier for the 3rd time recently, the 15th time overall, and the last time ever!  Then I will stay under 250.

Here's to good friends and family, even if they mean I have to go through this one more time...

Starting weight (this time): 278.4
Current weight: 249.6
Change from previous: (1.6)
Total: (28.8)
Total Days: 87