Sunday, June 13, 2010


Six graduation parties down, 3.6 pounds down with them.  Yesterday, I couldn't wait for the graduation party at Rosario's.  I looked forward to some of my favorites...  mixed green salad, balsamic vinagerette, blue cheese crumbles, Italian/French bread, butter, and lots of roasted garlic.  The steamed carrots and green beans were an added bonus and were excellent.  As a friend said, "Who would of thought we would ever be so excited about vegetables?".  I believe I ate more garlic than I have ever eaten in my entire life...  and that includes one garlic-filled night at the Stinkin' Rose in San Francisco.  I apologize to those near me on the treadmill this morning if my sweat oozed of garlic.

I am really proud of going through graduation season without gaining any weight.  That is no easy task for me.  I thought the season had come to an end last night.  But, last night we were invited to another party next Saturday.  Combine that with the wedding reception we already had scheduled for that night, and I am left with a couple more challenges to round out wedding/graduation season.  Of course, I have proven to myself that these are not as challenging as they once seemed to be.  So, I look forward to the challenge of Joe DeLao's fajitas next weekend.  See you on the microphone Joe!

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