Saturday, June 26, 2010


I was a little worried this morning because I was feeling a small weight gain coming on after my dinner last night.  We went to Suehiro's with my Mom, sister, and my family as a sort of "last supper" ritual that we do right before my Mom and sister return to San Diego.  The meal was excellent!  But, of course, my concern was mostly the sodium content in all of those yummy dishes.  I wasn't upset and absolutely had no regrets or negative feelings when I left the restaurant.  Just fully expected to see up to a pound gain and mentally prepared myself for that inevitability.  I mostly was hoping that I would end up still under my June pace for the official Saturday weigh-in.

We rushed from the restaurant to the club in order to get a quick 40 minutes in before it closed and I hit the treadmill pretty hard for those 40 minutes.  We then went to the Riverwalk and walked a decent pace (I think "brisk" would be exaggerating) for another 45 minutes.  This morning, we got up and I got another 55 minutes on the treadmill and some weights.  What's the point?  Well, after those 140 minutes of walking since that salt-laden dinner, I lost another .8 pounds!  Combine that with the fact that I still believe I can feel that little bit of extra water and weight from last night and fully expect to have another good day tomorrow, and you have one really happy heavy man.  And, yes, I am done referring to myself as "fat".  I think I have earned that respect, if only from myself.

So, with five days to go until my monthly check-in, I find myself 1.3 pounds under today's goal and only .6 pounds away from my July 1 goal of 245!  While I have dropped my goals slightly each month and wouldn't consider them overly agressive, though and it's max of 2 pounds per week would disagree, I also don't think of them as being insignificant either.  To actually get under my goal weight two months in a row would be an incredibly positive thing for me.  I am mentally adjusting that goal down to 243 by July 1 with the intent of moving my August 1 goal down from my original 235 to 230!  How exciting is that?!  Okay, well maybe it isn't as exciting to you the readers as it is to me the person who is actually losing that weight.  lol.   Here's to five more solid days in my mini P17X program...

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