Friday, March 12, 2010

They say that it takes 21 days to form a habit

I have also heard people say even longer.  But, after tonight, I have decided that some times it only takes two days.  Went with Lori and Kelsea to see an old friend, Joel Thompson,  sing and play guitar at a place called Clean Jeans and Coffee Beans (yes, it's a combination coffee house and laundromat).  As much as I have enjoyed listening to Joel and his various other bands play in the past, I have always preferred just hearing him sing and play guitar solo.  Joel would be embarassed and likely disagree, but I think he has a very Dan Fogleberg-esque quality to his voice.  So, I sat there, enjoying the music while glancing at the clock every so often.  Glancing at the clock because I figured he would play until around 9:00 and I would still have time to go to the club before it closed at 10:00.  Well, as he was wrapping up I made a comment about leaving so I could go and was politely reminded by my wife that the club closes at 9:00 on Fridays!  Of course, I should know that... but maybe that illustrates the lack of Fridays that I have spent in the gym.  I was crushed.  Now, having said this, I did walk 30 minutes at lunch.  But, I was still crushed and craved just a little more exercise.  I couldn't believe my disappointment in knowing I was going to miss a day.  I still came home and made due.  We braved the cold and took a 40 minute walk and I felt great.  But, I will argue with anyone that sometimes habits only take two days and I will never forget the closing time of the Pueblo Athletic Club on Fridays ever again!  Here's to great friends and great music!  Have a great night...

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