Thursday, March 11, 2010


Well, there it is.  It is difficult to even type those numbers on this blog.  But, I am committed to putting all of my pain and all of my successes on the table.  That number is both good and bad.  Good because I weighed myself as I was leaving this morning for work, fully clothed and outfitted with all of my crap... and I am sure that my phone and money weigh at least five pounds, it's a big stack and a big phone!  Good because as depressing as that number sounds, it is still about 10 pounds less than I was a month ago!  Bad because two weeks ago I was 297.2 and swore that I would not weigh more than 300 ever again in my life.  Bad because I never thought when I was battling diverticulitis three years ago and had colon surgery that I would ever go through this again!   I weighed 260 at the time and when I left the hospital I was determined to keep losing.

Okay, okay.  I am not painting a pretty picture of my willpower.  It would appear that my best moments over the last 10 years involved contests and wagering!  But, I don't want to win any money this time.  As my brother told me today, there comes a moment when you just say I am doing this.  Not I hope to do this.  And, that is where I am at.

My low point?  Or, high point as it may be.  318 pounds.  At least that was the highest weight I ever saw on a scale.  That was in the Spring of 2006.  I started our version of the Biggest Loser at work, finished second, and lost a little more than 20 pounds.  I continued to do well through the summer and even lost a few pounds on our vacation to Las Vegas and Los Angeles.  I was about 275 when I started having stomach issues.  I won't go in to those issues here, but I ended up hovering between 265-270 over the next 9 months.  I went in to my colon surgery feeling as good as I had felt in years.  Recovered extremely quickly.  Walked around the hospital like a maniac.  I left the hospital at around 260 and was ready to get on with my life.

Not sure why I am providing that history.  Maybe it serves as a reminder to not have any lulls.  To not have any weeks where I fall off this path because it is difficult to find again. 

So, some details...  I walked on the treadmill for a minute longer than last night... 36 instead of 35.  I was worried that I may have pushed too much last night but I felt really good.  I burned 80 more calories and walked .32 of a mile farther.  I shot hoops again for about 15 minutes and had far more energy than last night.  And, I added a new goal to this journey.  While I have little cartiledge left in my right knee, that is only a minor reason for me hanging up my sneakers.  The bigger reason is that I couldn't get up and down the court for fear of having a heart attack.  And, while I may never join a men's league again, I vowed tonight that I will play a game of basketball, full court, again! 

I wanted to thank those who have commented to me via Facebook, this blog, or in person. I really do appreciate the support.  And, not that I am greedy... but I am hoping to be under 300 again in the morning.  Will let you know tomorrow night...

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