Monday, March 15, 2010

The Belt Never Lies (oh... and I am 295.0 for those who don't want to read further)

Back on track this morning at 295.0. Great day eating and good workout... 45 minutes, 2.65 miles. The 3 mile mark is in site!  Also got in a little work with my arms on the machines.

No matter what I tell myself about my progress, whether it's eating right and not cheating or the amount of exercise I am doing, the one thing that never lies is my belt.  Not sure how long I have had this particular belt.  I just know it was bought in the last ten years and was my fat belt.  My other belts no longer fit me.  This was the biggest belt I found and I am not sure how close I was to the last hole at the time of purchase.  All I do know is that the belt had five holes originally.  At my maximum, I was at that last hole... and probably pushing it to the point of it being time to look for a new belt.  As I shed the pounds, I watched as I moved to the next hole and then the next.  Eventually, at around 265-270, I had to make a new hole (hole number six!) because the belt was too big.  Of course, I could have probably looked through my old belts and might have found one that would have worked.  But, I liked carving a new hole in to this old belt.  It was like those big thermometer-looking things that people use for fundraisers.  It was a visual representation.  A barometer of my success.  So, during my relapse, I found myself back at the dreaded last hole.  : (  Today, I am on hole number three comfortably and a good deep breath away from hole number four.  That hole will come in the next week and then I will work on the last pre-existing hole over the next couple of weeks.  My goal is to find hole number six by the end of March.  By the end of April, I hope to be out in the garage carving a couple of new holes.  Here's to carving new holes...

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