Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Curse Manhattan's!

One thing I know about myself is that I love pizza.  Always have and likely always will.  I also know that even when I am dieting, I have a weak spot for pizza.  So much so that even if I had already eaten dinner I would rarely pass up a piece from Ianne's when my Mom would stop by the house with a pie.  So, like buffets, it is easier for me to just not partake then ever try to limit myself.  So, today at work, we had a training class over lunch that included food.  When I heard it was Manhattan's pizza I was torn.  I think had it been Little Caesar's, Domino's, or Pizza Hut I would have stayed strong.  But, I love Manhattan's.  And, I really love Manhattan's pepperoni with green chiles!  So, I ignored the vegetables that were so good to me the day before and broke down.  I at one and a half pieces... oh, and a couple of chicken wings... oh, and I had to have Pepsi because Pepsi just goes with pizza!  Now one and a half pieces is probably half of what I normally eat.  But, one and a half pieces of Manhattan's is probably close to three pieces anywhere else... though it was thin crust mind you.  I felt crappy almost immediately.  Not just mentally either.  I actually felt crappy physically.  Tired.  Hot.  Almost sick.  I walked soon after for 25 minutes and it helped me feel a little better.  But, I realized today that, at least for the moment, I no longer like Manhattan's pizza.  I actually missed the veggies.  So, Jim, next time we have a training class, go ahead and order Manhattan's again.  Just don't forget the salad.

Ate much better tonight.  Just got back from the club.  Feeling better every day.  2.73 miles and 548 calories!  Feel good enough that I have almost forgotten the trip to Manhattan's.  Just trying to permanently hang on to the memory of that feeling afterwards.  Until tomorrow...

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