Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pizza = Two Days : (

When I weighed myself this morning I found that I had gained a half pound back.  Not a surprise after my lunch yesterday.  My first thought was that eating pizza is equal to about a half pound.  But, it's more than that.  I was the same weight two days ago.  So, eating pizza cost me two days of hard work and sweat and a day and a half of eating right!  That is a better equation.  Because that equation pisses me off!  So, no more pizza lunches.  As much as I love pizza, I thought I might even reward myself with a slice after every 20 pounds lost.  But, that's not the answer either.  I need to stop thinking of these things as prizes or sacrifices and realize these foods do nothing to prolong my life.  At the moment, I can't afford to lose two days again.

Today, a couple of ladies from my office were kind enough to cook a lunch of corned beef and cabbage.  It looked good... though the smell of cooked cabbage in the office is not the most pleasant aroma.  And, I know it isn't the worst meal for me... not even close to the pizza lunch.  But, I decided to go with the meal I brought.  It was more about just saying no.  Because next week, the lunch choice may be something worse than corned beef and cabbage and I want to get used to saying no, packing my lunches, and actually eating what I packed!  And my choices weren't just limited to the CB&C.  One of our Category Managers reminded me that a vendor left a bunch of burritos and paninis.  These are the same burritos and paninis that helped get me to where I am today.  No on those too.  And no to that evil soda fountain machine that sits in that lunchroom with a humming noise that I think is trying to remind me that it's free. 

So, a great day eating and a 25 minute walk this afternoon.  Not sure why I am walking during the day when I know I will be hitting the club in the evening.  Not because I think it will pay huge dividends... it's probably not even the smartest thing to be doing.  But, because I want to get out in the sun and get away from the office.  I went about 45 minutes again tonight while burning 595 calories and walking 2.87 miles.  I promise I will get to 3 miles by the end of the month.  My body is a little tired.  But, it's a good tired.  And, I am anxious each evening to get to the club.  All good signs.  Here's to saying no to free meals...

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