Monday, January 31, 2011

The Week In Review

One week of P90X down, twelve to go.  Actually, as of tonight, I am 8 days down with 82 to go!  Last Monday, when we started, I wasn't sure what to expect so I skipped the club that first night.  When I was done with that night, which was Back and Chest, my upper body was exhausted.  But, I realized I kind of missed going to the club.  As hard as P90X was, I didn't feel like I hadn't gotten enough cardio.  The next day, not knowing what Plyometrics involved, I decided to hit the treadmill before coming home to Tony Horton.  Well, Plyometrics turned out to be much more aerobic than Back and Chest was!  I probably should have skipped the club.  The next morning, Lori wanted to go to the club early because she had to work that night.  So, I joined her for a half hour on the elliptical.  I came home that night and decided I still wanted to hit the treadmill again.  By the time I had finished Shoulders and Arms and Ab Ripper X, I had done over three hours of exercise that day!

Now, I don't know if Tony Horton would recommend that I do cardio every day on top of P90X.  But, I can't help myself.  I can't seem to keep myself away.  Part of it is a fear that if I don't keep up what I have been doing, that I won't be in shape to tackle the 14ers I have planned for this summer.  I keep thinking that P90X is a great mix, but not quite as much cardio as I would like to keep in my current condition.  But, I think there is another part of me that just likes going to the club.  I am addicted to it and I had a hard time skipping it last Monday.  So, I decided to keep going every day and I have.

So, here's my week in review...

Monday - P90X-Chest & Back: 53 minutes, P90X-Ab Ribber X: 16
Tuesday - Treadmill: 64, P90X-Plyometrics: 59
Wednesday - Elliptical: 32, Treadmill: 52, P90X-Shoulders & Arms: 60, P90X-Ab Ribber X: 16Thursday - Treadmill: 63, P90X-Yoga X: 92

Friday - Treadmill: 58, P90X-Legs & Back: 59, P90X-Ab Ribber X: 16

Saturday - Treadmill: 64, P90X-Kenpo X: 59
Sunday - Treadmill:65, P90X-Stretch X: 58

Late Sunday, I realized I had exercised 14 hours and 46 minutes over the last week!  I added an additional 2 hours and 13 minutes tonight!  My body feels a little achy.  And, today I felt the usual Monday morning blues.  But, that's more likely the fact that I still can never go to bed at a reasonable hour on Sunday nights.  I have felt good every other day since I started.  Yes, I might be a little nutty in the head.  But, that's my kind of week!

Here's to the second week of P90X feeling as good as the first...

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