Saturday, January 15, 2011


No change.  And, I am still thrilled.  Yesterday, I went to lunch with my department to celebrate a birthday... with a side celebration of my weight loss.  The place was the Sunset Inn.  Let me remind you that I have not had a green chile slopper in about a year!  The 'Set is one of the places that I took out of my restaurant rotation despite loving their food.  I know my weaknesses and so I just stayed away.  The birthday boy said to me, "So, are you probably just going to eat a salad?"... in that tone of disgust when people really want you to be bad just this once.  I said no... and he gave me a fist bump and a smile.  I may have exhibited some unknown-to-me willpower over the last 10 months.  But, I am no robot.  I was having the slopper damnit!

For those of you who read this blog and do not live in Pueblo.  The slopper is a cheeseburger in a bowl smothered in green chile.  Of course, if you are not from Pueblo then you may also not know what green chile is.  And if so, I feel some sadness for you.  I don't get the regular hamburger slopper off of the menu.  My buddy and I order it with the Italian sausage instead of the hamburger, adding even more kick.  We also skip the top bun, which is mainly because it's too much bread for me soaking up all of that green chile. But, that works nicely now since it saves me a few starchy calories.  The final change to the order is that we ask for the french fries on top of the sandwich so that they get doused in the green chile as well.  It is close to heaven.  And to be honest, the whole special order came from my friend Russ.  While I still believe that Coors' Tavern would win if you had a vote taken in Pueblo, I am a Sunset fan and agree with the Food Wars television show panel who voted the Sunset Inn as the best slopper joint in town.

The lunch was incredible as always.  Not sure how long it will be until I have another.  But, it was worth the wait.  And, the best part of this whole post is this...  I did not gain any weight.  With a small dinner and a good workout, I remain the same.  I would have been okay with a few tenths.  Just didn't want to go back over 200. 

TJWIGMFBAFANAD Status: Day 14 - 0.0, Total - (11.0)

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