Sunday, January 9, 2011


Yes!  After almost a month, I finally record a new low!  Down another pound and staying focused... much easier when there are not countless temptations paraded in front of me on a daily basis.  I am down 9.4 pounds over the last six days!  My previous low was 202.4 recorded on December 9.  I have seen a lower number twice, 201.4 and 201.8.  But, those were both unofficial post workout weights.  I don't usually weigh after workouts.  But, when I get close to 200, I have a tendency to weigh out of curiousity.  I am going to the club now and will likely weigh when I get home.  Based on my very consistent 1.4 pound loss that I typically experience at the club, I could actually see a number as low as 200.4 in a couple of hours!  Almost there...

TJWIGMFBAFANAD Status: Day 8 - (1.0), Total - (7.8)

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