Monday, October 27, 2014

227.2 - The End of the Mark Gregory Challenge

And just like that, our mini-vacation to Glenwood Springs has dashed any hope I had of meeting the Mark Gregory Challenge.  While I will still do everything I can to get close to 220 by Saturday, barring a miracle it doesn't look feasible.  

The weekend was awesome... as all of our vacations, even the short ones, tend to be.  But, I have still yet to figure out how to eat well while on vacation even when that is my intent.  Two great hikes, one to Hanging Lake and the other one around Maroon Bells were not enough to offset two restaurant dinners and two large hotel breakfasts.  Whatever happened to staying at hotels that just had continental breakfast?!  I can only imagine the weight I could have gained had we not been active throughout the trip.

I was thrilled that our vacation was actually planned around hiking and not eating.  But, somehow that eating still nudged it's way in to our plans.  The failure in our plans was not scheduling this trip for the beginning of November...

All is not lost.  I will still, hopefully, be in my low 220s by Saturday.  In the end, October will be about moving the needle from hovering around 230 to hovering around 223-224.  I will make it my new goal to get under 220 by November 8, a week late.  And, I will still try to hang on to a little of this momentum through one of the hardest periods of the year.

Starting weight (this time): 278.4
Current weight: 227.2
Change from previous: +2.8
Total: (51.2)
Total Days: 262

Mark Gregory Challenge (November 1, 2014):
Starting weight: 231.0
Current weight: 227.2
Pounds lost: 3.8
Ahead/(Behind) pace: (5.7)
Pounds to go: 7.4
Goal weight: 219.8 (11.2 pounds total)
Days remaining: 5

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