Tuesday, October 28, 2014


The one thing I have done consistently throughout the last nine months is exercise.  Other than a handful of days, I have exercised every single day since the beginning of February.  That includes vacations and many of those days include multiple episodes of exercise.  

Yesterday, I ate decently.  Sadly, I did not exercise.  Our walk on the river didn't happen because of the cold front that moved in and the frigid weather.  I planned to go to the gym instead.  I should have gone before I sat down to dinner.  Instead, I planned to go after dinner.  A couple of television shows and a little of the football game later and I no longer felt like going to the gym.  So, I told myself I would get up this morning and go.  But, like yesterday morning, the alarm came way too fast and I was way too tired.  

And, because of all of those decisions, I only lost 0.2 pounds.  So, today I think I need to exercise three times!

Starting weight (this time): 278.4
Current weight: 227.0
Change from previous: (0.2)
Total: (51.4)
Total Days: 263

Mark Gregory Challenge (November 1, 2014):
Starting weight: 231.0
Current weight: 227.0
Pounds lost: 4.0
Ahead/(Behind) pace: (5.8)
Pounds to go: 7.2
Goal weight: 219.8 (11.2 pounds total)
Days remaining: 4

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