Friday, September 26, 2014


And there it is again.  Up 1.8 after a late late late night dinner loaded with salt and a lot of fluids.  

I first saw 231.2 on July 2.  That means I have wasted three months, or my whole summer.  I fully expected to do better over the summer since I am usually far more active.  But, I guess the other thing about summers is that I have a lot more things going on.  Not sure if it was these events - vacations, weddings, graduations, nights on the river drinking beers and eating pizza - or that I got complacent.  Maybe I was too happy with 230.  Maybe it's that 230 seems to be the weight where I really start to get compliments.  Maybe I felt too much of a sense of accomplishment after only reaching part of my goal.

My biggest concern is that I wanted some momentum heading in to the end of the year.  Those last six weeks of the year around Thanksgiving and Christmas are notoriously difficult times to be good.  But, I have given myself no cushion.  

In the end, I am proud of the 50 pounds I lost.  And, I am still a little bit happy that despite my lack of focus and diligence over the last three months, I have managed to not gain any of the weight back.  That is a good start.  But, I am not done.  I am not content.  Hopefully, the lack of temptations that the next couple of months brings will be enough for me to get it back in gear. 

Here's to the winter...

Starting weight (this time): 278.4
Current weight: 231.2
Change from previous: +1.8
Total: (47.2)
Total Days: 231 

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