Wednesday, September 10, 2014


After months of talking about it, I finally rode to work on my bike yesterday... and again today.  What a great feeling!  I was so excited when I got home last night.  Lori and I went to dinner and then walked around the Riverwalk several times and were out there for well over an hour.  Because Duke was left out and we felt bad, we took him for a short stroll around the neighborhood when we got home.  This morning I was rewarded for all of my good exercise with a 1 pound weight gain.  I didn't eat great.  But, I am still at a loss... and uncomfortably close to 230 again. I will try not to cry.

But, I got up again this morning and hopped on the bike.  We will see what tomorrow brings.

Starting weight (this time): 278.4
Current weight: 228.0
Change from previous: +1.0
Total: (50.4)
Total Days: 217 

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