Thursday, December 2, 2010

Don't See That Every Day!

Despite not adhering to my planned eating guidelines over the Thanksgiving holiday, I was still proud of one thing.  I was happy that I still exercised every day, including a nice 90 minute walk around the neighborhood on Thanksgiving day.  On Saturday, the weather was so nice that Lori and I made it out to the Pueblo Reservoir for a three hour, seven mile hike.  It was a perfect afternoon and I felt great as we made our way up and down the shale gulleys.

While not quite as pretty as Rocky Mountain National Park, the Reservoir offers decent trails and, with the sun starting to set, it's own share of spectacular views.  The trails are predominantly used for mountain bikes... which explains why relatively easy climbs and descents are rated as difficult on the trail map.  While they would definitely be difficult climbing up on a mountain bike, they aren't the same as a hiking trail rated as "difficult".  We were amazed at some of the mountain bikers climbing the shale while spinning at a rapid rate.  Even though we both felt a lot better than the first time we hiked the Reservoir, neither of us felt like there was a future for us in climbing these same trails on a bike. 

As we were making our way back to the car and watching the sun slowly set over the lake, I was feeling pretty good.  I was proud that I had worked out at the club in the morning but still wanted to go hiking for almost three hours.  I was proud at how easy climbing the more difficult trails at the Reservoir was compared to the very first hike we did in the Spring over the easier trails.  I was proud that the only thing that was making me return to my car was the fast approaching nightfall.  I was proud of how easy it was for me to climb these trails.  I was proud that I was spending part of my Thanksgiving weekend doing something so healthy, invigorating, and rewarding.  I felt pretty good about myself at that moment.  And then it passed...

As Lori and I stepped off the trail to let a couple of mountain bikers pass, I saw him come over the hill.  With the fading light, it took me a second to register.  A man riding down the hill on one wheel.  That's right.  A very fit man riding a unicycle up and down the dirt and shale trails of the Reservoir!  I couldn't believe it.  He cruised past us and then glided up the next ascent with his arms to his side trying to keep his balance as he climbed.  I can't even imagine the balance and the core muscles it takes to ride a mountain unicycle over these trails.  That was impressive.  I laughed as I saw him cross paths with other mountain bikers and heard each group comment in astonishment as he rode off. 

After watching him ride off in to the sunset, I was no longer impressed by my own feats.  I was simply walking fast.  I had two legs for balance.  I was a wimp.  Still enjoyed the hike... just no longer felt like the King of the Hill.  Here's to always being amazed at the abilities of the human mind, body and soul...

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