Monday, December 20, 2010


Maybe my old friend Will was right.  Maybe 204-206 is going to end up being my ideal weight.  Maybe this is where my body is going to settle in.  After a decent weigh-in following the Christmas party on Saturday, I felt pretty good yesterday.  I thought I did pretty good yesterday as well.  But, I still gained 1.4 pounds!  If I had known my weigh-in was going to suck that bad I wouldn't have gotten up at 5:30 this morning to work out! 

Of course, "pretty good" is up for debate.  Even if I didn't have another one of Lori's incredible chocolate chip cookies from now to the end of the month, the number of cookies I ate through three days would still be enough to put my average over those two weeks to at least 2 per day!  No more. 

I am okay with 205 being my new weight.  But, I am unwilling to accept that fact until I have put together at least two straight weeks of following a strict diet and exercise plan like I did at the beginning of this journey.  If I was able to string a couple of good weeks together and was still unable to break 200, then I would stop worrying about it.  But, as long as I am eating 6-8 chocolate chip cookies a day... and everything else in sight... I can not or will not accept it!

December To Remember Status: Day 19: 1.4, Total: (4.8)

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