Monday, December 27, 2010


No, that is not an error.  That is not a dyslexic moment on my part.  That is not supposed to say 201.6.  After weighing in at 203.4 on Friday, we celebrated with our kids on Christmas Eve at Mi Ranchito's, with Lori's family at our house on Christmas day, and with my family last night at Manhattan's.  Those three wonderful meals, wonderful for the company and good times, I gained 7.2 pounds. Actually, after I worked out on Friday, I weighed 201.8!  So, since that  post-workout obsessive weigh-in, I have gained 8.8 pounds! 

I scoffed at all of the people who said to me over the last two weeks that they were going to start trying to lose weight after the holidays.  I kept telling them not to wait.  I recommended they start immediately and change their attitude.  I admit I was a little bit "holier than thou" when I was preaching to them.  I apologize.  Turns out that I am not better than any of them.  Turns out that I still am too weak to go through a holiday season and lose weight.  I guess 200 will have to weight until January...

December To Remember Status: CANCELLED!   (Unfortunately, it has become a "December To Forget")

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