Thursday, July 31, 2014


I'm back.  Vacation is over.  Well, my vacation was officially over last Thursday.  But, then my brother and his daughter came in from San Diego and I decided to extend my vacation eating through the weekend.  He left Sunday.  I have no valid excuse for why I haven't blogged since then or even while he was here.  Mostly, I was busy at work and kept forgetting at night.  But, it also may have been that I was too busy eating to write in my blog.  

Well, as you can ascertain by the weight above, my vacation did not go as I had planned.  By itself, that doesn't disappoint me.  I wanted to be better.  But, I can't say I was confident.  It was vacation after all.  I think my biggest disappointment is that I actually set such unreasonable goals and truly believed I could lose weight while I was away.  A small bit of disappointment comes from, at the very least, not keeping my weigh gain between 3-5 pounds.  An even smaller bit of disappointment comes from not exercising every single day while on vacation.  And, the slightest of disappointments come from mentally extending my vacation while my brother was in town... especially considering he is the one who most wants me to succeed on this journey.

So, here is a summary of my time away and the weigh-ins I haven't  posted...

Thursday, July 17 - 232.8 - I never went to bed on Wednesday night.  With an early flight, Lori and I powered through the night and went about 40 hours with only a catnap on the airplane.  I wasn't going to weigh before we left.  But, I ended up stepping on the scale right before we left the house in the wee hours of the morning.  I was up 1.8.  I tell you this not because it is that relevant or because it is an indicator of anything I did on Wednesday.  But, because it makes my gain on vacation seem a little bit smaller if 232.8 is the starting point rather than 231!

Friday, July 25 - 237.8 - So, that sums up my vacation.  From the first meal at a Long John Silver's to the Wendy's Frosty the night we got back, I did nothing I said I would.  I ate what I wanted and enjoyed my week of exceptions.  Even my two days at the amusement parks, where I expected to eat light and walk a bunch, were cut short by rain which lead to late night meals that weren't good for me.  The result was 6.8 pounds up from the last weight posted and 5.0 pounds up from the last time I stepped on the scale.

Saturday, July 26 - 239.0 - Another day of vacation bliss and late night pizza added another 1.2  pounds.  Not a good start to our day in Denver.

Sunday, July 27 - 241.0 - Yes, I actually climbed back over 240.  Our trip to Denver included my favorite meal at The Brewery Bar and we came back to dinner at Toni and Joe's with the family.  As bad as I was, I am glad I didn't hit 245.

Monday, July 28 - 239.0 - Back under 240... for the last time... really.  In my mind, Sunday was the last day of my vacation.  The day started with leftover pizza and got worse from there. Lori had been craving Popeye's and I told her that we should satisfy that craving while still on vacation before I started to re-focus on Monday.  So, we went to Popeye's.  There is no reasonable explanation for why I lost 2 pounds on Monday other than my body was tired of gaining weight and decided to do me a solid.  I thank it for that.

Tuesday, July 29 - 237.4 - Back in the swing of things.  Back to work.  Back to exercising.  And, down 1.6 pounds.

Wednesday, July 30 - 237.4 - Yesterday was a weird day.  Our lack of sleep on vacation caught up with us.  Lori and I sat in our chairs in some sort of comatose state and did not need to twist each other's arms to skip going to the club or on a walk.  I felt grateful that my weight was the same.

I have given up on believing I can be truly good on vacation.  I suspected this before and even talked to my brother about my "vacation rules".  That will be a post for another day. In the end, the really good news is that I exercised today and ate well and easily went back in to full weight loss mode despite my general malaise over the last 11 days or so.  That is a positive sign.  Now, I just need to go back and revise the goals I set just two weeks ago.  That is a post for another day as well.

Here's to vacations having an end date...

Starting weight (this time): 278.4
Current weight: 237.4
Change from previous: +6.4 (via +1.8... vacation... +5.0, +1.2, +2.0, -2.0, -1.6, same)
Total: (41.0)
Total Days: 177 

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