Wednesday, July 16, 2014


So, there it is.  I will not get to see sub-230 before I leave for vacation.  With an early morning flight out of Denver, our plan is to power through the night without any sleep and leave the house at some ungodly hour.  So, no weigh-in tomorrow or the next eight days.

Down 1.0 pound from yesterday.  Shy of my goal of 225 by 6 pounds and my stretch goal of 220 by 11 pounds.  But still, down 47.4 pounds in about 5 months.  I do know that I will board the plane tomorrow morning and be a lot more comfortable in that seat than I was that first trip to Chicago in late January.  That makes me smile.

So, here are my new goals (stretch goals in parentheses) for the next couple of months...

July 25, return from vacation - 229.8 (227) (yes, I am not only planning on losing weight this trip, however minimal, but also planning on breaking 230 the next time I step on the scale!)
August 1 - 227 (223)
August 16, my birthday - 222 (217)
September 1 - 217 (211)
October 1 - 209 (200)

Here's to a much needed vacation and not losing any momentum...

Starting weight (this time): 278.4
Current weight: 231.0
Change from previous: (1.0)
Total: (47.4)
Total Days: 162 

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