Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I am not even sure what happened to Thursday's update.  Maybe I was just tired of posting depressing numbers.  But, I really don't recall skipping.  Friday I weighed.  But, woke up early to cimb a fourteener and didn't get a chance to post.  Saturday and Sunday I was out of town with no internet connectivity.  And yesterday...  well, yesterday was just flat out depressing when I saw 219.4... which was still better than what I saw Sunday night! 

No more Phase 3.  Not that I am done trying.  Just tired of talking about it like I need a phase or some goofy acronym will help me lose weight.  The irony of me not posting is that I have been wanting to post more.  So, there will be a flurry of posts soon including the recap of our climb on Friday. 

Now I attempt to make good on my conversation with my friend Will about getting to 200  in 60 days.  What I thought I could do in 30 may end up being difficult to achieve in 60!  Baby steps...

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