Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Yeah... I Know I'm Crazy"

About a month ago, Lori and I went to a Nuggets' game.  By the time I got off from work and Lori got out of jury duty, we hit the road for Denver.  After the game, while we were driving back, I asked Lori if she wanted to go for a walk when he got home. She laughed, as if I was kidding, and said no way.  We finally got home around 11:30 that night. 

While Lori was changing clothes, I started changing in to my workout gear and different shoes.  I asked her if I should take the dog and she yelled from the bathroom, "Are you really going for a walk?!".  My reply?  "Yeah... I know I'm crazy."  But, I needed to go for a walk.  I actually wanted to go for that walk.  At 11:50 PM, I walked out the front door and Duke and I set off on a 45 minute walk around the neighborhood. 

I will admit that there have been nights where I went to the club mostly because of my exercise streak.  In fact, when I was sick last week, there were two or three nights where it took every ounce of willpower and the thought of my exercise streak to get me in to that gym.  But, that night wasn't about the streak.  That night, like most nights, was simply because I wanted to get some exercise.  I was tired.  I would have liked to have gone to bed.  But, mentally, I needed to go for that walk.  That's how I feel most nights.

So, yes, I am crazy.  I will admit that.  It's a good crazy... crazy like a fox.  That's an improvement.  Last year I was still crazy.  But, it was more crazy like a hippopotamus.  Here's to having healthy obsessions...

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