Friday, April 22, 2011


Still under 200 and down .6 pounds.  My goal is to finally stay under 200 for good.  Not a couple days, not a week.  But, a permanent change.  I started looking back at my recent history and found that this is the fourth time I had gone under 200.  In my mind, I thought that the other times were only for a couple of days.  But, when I looked at the numbers, each of the three previous times I broke that mythical barrier I had stayed under for exactly a week.  Not sure what pushed me back over the first time.  But, the second and third time were due to a vacation to San Diego and a week in Denver at our annual meeting for work.

Last night, after a few co-workers and I had finished playing nine holes of golf, I really wanted to go to Coors with my friend Russ and have a slopper and some beers.  At the very least, I wanted to go to the golf course clubhouse and have a couple of beers.  If it had been last week, I would have gone.  But after finally getting back under 200 yesterday morning, I couldn't mentally handle going back over a day later.  So, I said no... and it was extremely difficult.  Instead, I went to the club and came home and did a few pushups and curls. 

Not sure why this particular weight means so much to me.  I know it shouldn't.  I would like to get to the low 190s so that I can go to Coors and not stress about it.  In the end, I am glad I skipped it and was rewarded with a pretty positive feeling this morning.  And, my friend even stopped by to tell me he skipped the slopper and beers as well and went home and had a grilled chicken Caesar salad because I had inspired him.  Nice.  That made my morning even better and validated that decision even more than the scale had.

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