Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Need To Write Again

I have been in a little bit of a rut ever since I broke 200.  Of course, if you told me last year that a "rut" would consist of me bouncing between 198 and 208 for three months, I would have told you to bring on the rut!  But still, I am not done.  A year ago, 200 would have been good enough.  But now, I know better.  I now know what I am capable of and I want to finish this journey in style.  I weigh just over 200 today.  I realize that the 200 today is a different composition than the 200 was in early January.  I am fitter.  I am stronger.  My body is more tone.  My loose skin is firming up.  While I have often said that I think the weight-gain excuse of "muscle weight" is abused, I will finally admit that I have lifted enough weights over the last two months to know that I have put on at least a few pounds of muscle. 

When I reached 200 I got complacent.  I haven't tracked my calories recently.  Well, not officially.  I still always count them in my head.  I haven't been quite as rigid about restricting the things I eat.  And, most importantly, I stopped blogging as often.  I think I forgot the power of this blog.  I got busy and let this slip to the bottom of my list.  I think that has to change.  I think I need to continue to tell my story if I am going to be successful losing these last pounds and completing this life change.

I have a new goal... only to put a number to it.  I am not even sure if it will be too high or too low.  I only know that I still have some fat around my stomach.  I may never get all of my loose skin to come back to it's former tightness.  But, I believe that I can significantly reduce it with a low fat diet and continued abdominal work and weight lifting.  So, I will start writing again and will even tell some stories I meant to tell when they happened and didn't get around to.  My goal is 193 pounds.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be a good day and I will have less than 7 pounds to get there.  I am comfortable with a little slower pace than I was used to and would be fine even if it took me 10 more weeks to get there.  Here's to continued sharing...

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