Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Anniversary Blog!

On March 10, 2010, I started this blog.  As corny as I felt writing these thoughts on that first night, I am glad I did.  One year ago I became accountable to every person who has followed or even casually read this blog.  This blog, along with your help, thoughts, feedback, and support, may have been the most important step that I took on this journey!  That date, March 10, will likely get added to all of the other very important days of my life... like July 18 (my anniversary), March 17 (my son's birthday), and November 20 (my daughter's birthday).  March 10 will always feel like my second birthday. 

This blog got me through the difficult part of this journey.  This blog gained momentum and made it easier for me.  This blog helped me lose 115 pounds in a year and about 105 in only ten months!  This blog became an integral part of my success when it was only intended to document it.  This blog saved my life...


  1. found this on FB, Congrats, tony keep it up!
    Now we'll see if I have even an ounce of the discipline you have, as I use today, 3/11/11 (my 45th day of life on this planet btw)to start my every day exercise habit (yet again).

    Great job again and keep it up!


  2. Thanks Carmine! Happy Birthday and good luck with starting your habit. Mine has evolved from chore, to habit, to routine, to addiction, to obsession. Believe me, I never knew I had that ounce in me either. You do, you just need to find it. Good Luck! And, thanks!