Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I am a fat pig!  All of that willpower that I showed for over a year straight, has seemingly left me.  I keep thinking it's still there... at least I tell myself that mentally.  But, when I go to eat, it seems to cower in the corner afraid to battle my large and in charge appetite.  My three day willpower streaks are met and exceeded by my three day binges.  My stomach is back.  My man boobs are back.  My clothes fit me slightly uncomfortable.  And, I walked around the state fair this weekend with that feeling of being way too stuffed... a feeling that I had tried to remove from my existence.  The only place my willpower rears it's little head is when I go to exercise... which is a very good thing or this tale of woe could be even more depressing.  But, don't give up on me or the blog!  Today is a new day!

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