Wednesday, November 10, 2010

No Buffet!

Now that I have gotten most of the post-vacation weight off, I can finally talk about Las Vegas again and not be sad.  When Lori and I started talking about our vacation plans, we agreed to partake in one buffet.  Lori actually said that we could do one of the casino buffets and she would be glad to accompany me to my favorite sushi place, Yama Sushi, while I indulged in their all-you-can-eat sushi.  My head was already struggling with the thought of one buffet.  But, two was out of the question.  I debated going to Yama Sushi and just having a couple of my favorite rolls and some sashimi.  I decided that it was better to not even enter those doors and risk the temptation.  I knew that, once I added up the cost of my sushi and realized it was about the same price as teh AYCE sushi, I might change my mind.  So, one casino buffet it was.

Originally, we were still debating between the World Buffet and the Village Seafood Buffet at the Rio.  I love seafood and pretty much only wanted to consume large quantities of shrimp, lobster, and any other unsuspecting shellfish I could get my hands on.  This despite my known, though very slight, shellfish allergy... heck, that's what Benadryl and a couple of margaritas are for!  I have always wanted to go to the Village Seafood Buffet.  But, the more I read about the lobster and shrimp options online, the less appetizing and more expensive that proposition seemed.  So, I changed my mind and decided that a bunch of shrimp cocktail and crab legs at the World Buffet would more than suffice.  And, I hate to admit it, I was pretty excited about going to the buffet... even if it was mixed with a tinge of guilt.

We went to Cabo Wabo on the second night, mostly to sip on a couple of margaritas and enjoy our favorite past-time, people watching.  We hadn't eaten yet and after perusing the menu, we decided that the Mexican fare sounded awfully appetizing and decided to eat there as well.  It was excellent.  Of course, when you love Mexican as much as I do and only get to eat it every six weeks, even Taco Bell can be great Mexican food.  I ate too much chips and salsa.  But, I guess you already assumed as much.  I ate my fish tacos, my beans, my rice.  And, we still had those scrumptious margaritas.  As we sat looking out over the strip watching the crowds around Planet Hollywood, I realized I had eaten way too much food.  At that moment, I told Lori I know longer wanted a buffet at all.  She told me she was fine with that and was doing the whole buffet thing for me in the first place.

Like most moments like this, I half expected that, by the next afternoon, a less full stomach would think that the buffet sounded great again.  That never happened!  We still ate a few too many calories at each meal.  But, we never ate a large meal again.  I am not proud of myself about the weight gained.  Certainly not proud of my Cabo Wabo feast.  But, I am proud that the buffet no longer sounded good to me and that I managed to leave Vegas without ever gorging myself.  The thought of it even makes my stomach a little ill now.  My buffet days may finally be behind me... along with chunks of my ass that have slowly fallen off of me as well.  That makes me smile.  Here's to being proud of eating good food in small portions and not so proud of eating enough cocktail shrimp that you puff out your chest until it's even with your protruding gut (or protruding "fountain of youth" - sorry, three people will get that joke) and proclaim that you "got your money's worth!"... 

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