Monday, November 10, 2014


Made it through the weekend and stayed under 230 with limited exercise.  It helped that yesterday I was able to walk without crutches most of the day and stayed busy around the house.  I still thought I was going to go over this morning and was thrilled when I actually lost 1.4 pounds.  

I know it's just a number, but that 230 barrier means a lot to me.  I lost only 0.2 on Saturday morning and then stayed the same, with help from a very late weigh-in, yesterday morning.  I need to eat really good this week and hope that I am able to exercise a little more each day.  

Starting weight (this time): 278.4
Current weight: 228.0
Change from previous: (1.6) (via -0.2, no change, -1.4)
Total: (50.4)
Total Days: 274

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