Thursday, February 3, 2011


I was expecting to gain this morning.  Actually, I fully expected to be somewhere between 201-202 after the late night meal I had last night.  So, the gain of only .8 was good news.  My daughter and her boyfriend invited us over for dinner in their new apartment.  Because she had to work, I knew we would be eating late... a definite no-no for me these days.  I also knew we would be eating Mexican, specifically green chile and tortillas.  Mexican is another no-no for me, mostly because I have no self-control.  But, how does a dad say no to his little girl who is so excited to have her parents come over for dinner?  Of course, I couldn't.

When we got there I soon found out that green chile and tortillas weren't the only thing homemade and yummy for dinner.  Their was salsa, rice, pinto beans, ground beef with jalapenos... and everything was homemade.  By the time we ate it was somewhere around 9:15.  The tortillas were the highlight of the show and I ate too much of everything.  Partly because it was extremely good and I love Mexican.  But, partly because I wanted to make sure my daughter's boyfriend knew I appreciated the invite and the effort to  put together such an awesome meal.  I have talked about "social eating" before.  But, I think this is another type of eating.  I will call it "complimentary eating".  The type of eating that is associated with complimenting the host.  A part of me wanted to skip the tortillas, cheese and rice and just make a nice plate of ground beef with green chile and some beans.  But, that would have been rude.  So, I continued eating to thank our hosts... or so I will keep telling myself...

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